The question of the refugees

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A few days ago I had a conversation with some people I usually really like (and think of as reasonable human beings) about the problem of the huge numbers of refugees coming to Europe at the moment. See, I normally avoid discussing controversial political topics, be it with friends, family or strangers, because I don’t need that stress and see no point in trying to persuade somebody of my worldview. I think the basis of tolerance is to allow somebody his own opinion and belief, whether you can understand it or not. But there are some limits, and that’s for example when it comes to the basics of human rights and justice – things everybody should share because of common sense. The question of the refugees is one of these basics. Weiterlesen

What I actually learned about Aborigines.

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Everybody who visits Australia should be aware that this country originally belonged to another people – the Aborigines. This post is about them. It is a matter of respect as they have lived in Australia for thousands of years before the white people came (colonization by the British started in 1770 with the arrival of James Cook) and things went badly wrong. Diseases, fights, stealing of Aboriginal kids to raise them in white families – just to mention a few things. When I came to Australia, I was very interested in learning about Aboriginal culture and hoped to meet some in person. Well, I learned…     Weiterlesen

Paris, Sydney, Pegida – No, I will not become a racist.

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I am angry. No, I am appalled. Right now I really wish I didn’t choose to write in English, because in German my words would flow so much easier. But I will try. Yesterday at work one of my colleagues suddenly stood up and said: There was a terrorist attack in Paris. They killed editors of a satirical magazine. I still can’t believe it today, as I am sitting here and typing this post. I carry around my feelings on this topic for almost two days but just found the time now to sit down and finally get rid of what I’d like to say. It’s this: Weiterlesen

How tolerant is Germany? A, well, strange campaign

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The ARD, the public broadcasting (state-funded television and radio) in Germany, started an advertising campaign for a theme week of „tolerance“. It was obviously meant to be critical and provocative – but they over-exaggerated a tiny bit, I think.

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