About Social Media Trolls

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I don’t get it. The intention of these people. The trolls. Who are they? Especially: What’s going wrong with their lives?

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By JNL (Own work)

You know, I use Social Media (in this case Facebook and Twitter) as a sort of personal news channel. As a student of media and communication studies I can tell you this is quite common. So I am the type of user who reads a lot, searches for answers but doesn’t communicate much. In fact, this blog is the big exception. I liked a lot of news media sites on Facebook and Twitter because it’s convenient to see their posts in my timeline and it makes it easy to be up-to-date. But reading the posts beneath certain articles I notice that other people – the other type of user – apparently find their purpose in life doing one thing: Posting stupid shit. Weiterlesen


How tolerant is Germany? A, well, strange campaign

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The ARD, the public broadcasting (state-funded television and radio) in Germany, started an advertising campaign for a theme week of „tolerance“. It was obviously meant to be critical and provocative – but they over-exaggerated a tiny bit, I think.

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The new iPhone 6

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Friday the sale of the new iPhone 6 started, and again we could amuse ourselves about crazy Apple fans camping in front of the stores. My boyfriend got his one by post. Because I never understand the hype about new Apple technology, I took it and played around a bit, comparing it to his old iPhone 5. So here’s my own non-professional customer test of the new iPhone 6! 🙂 Weiterlesen

Journalism with handicap

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Thinking about my internship in Hungary I realized one thing: You can’t be a journalist in a country where you don’t speak the national language, as journalism relies on nothing more than words. Very simple, but I didn’t think about it before. I mean, I was aware of the problem. But I did not really THINK about what it implies. Here’s a few disadvantages I have because I don’t speak Hungarian. Weiterlesen